The Key Issue is Democracy
Freedom is participation in power—Cicero

In order to have honest and fair officials who truly represent the interests of the people of New York in enacting, administering and enforcing our laws, we must have free and fair elections and effective local self-government. Without free and fair elections and effective local self-government, decisions are made without input from and contrary to the interests of most people.
Protecting our Right to Free and Fair Elections

As attorney general, I will:

Protect our right to vote and to have our votes counted
Protect our right to have candidates representing our views on the ballot
Protect our right to have public forums where issues are freely and fairly debated
Protect our right to hold our elected representatives accountable through competitive elections
Protect our right to have our elected representatives make decisions
Prosecute officials who breach the public trust and take bribes

Protecting our Right to Effective Local Self-Government

Article 9 of the New York constitution relating to municipal home rule states that, ‘effective local self-government [is a purpose] of the people of the state.’ As attorney general, I will efforce our right to effective local self-government.
Enforcing our Laws for the Benefit of All

As attorney general, I will enforce the laws enacted by our representatives democratically, for the benefit of all.
Campaign Issues
Democratic Local Decisionmaking
Equal Rights for Women
Immigrant Voting Rights
Prisoner Voting Rights
Democracy in Unions
Protect civil liberties
Right to Strike and the Taylor Law
Enforce our Environmental Laws
Factory Farm Issues
Close Indian Point
Organic Food and Farming
Hand-Counted Paper Ballots
Affordable Housing

Democratic Oversight of Corporations
No personhood for corporations
Stop Eminent Domain Abuse
Investigate the Truth of 9/11
The Right to Same Sex Marriage
Women’s Right to Choose
No Death Penalty
Prosecute War Crimes
Stop racially biased law enforcement
Bring Home NY’s National Guard
Industrial Wind Developments
Free and Fair Elections
Rachel’s responses to candidate questionnaires
Green Party Platforms
Platform of the Green Party of the United States
Platform of the Green Party of New York

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